Moment in Blue, Prague, Czech Republic

Moment in Blue
Prague, Czech Republic

I Was Waiting for This Colour, Prague, Czech Republic

I Was Waiting for This Colour
Prague, Czech Republic

Surreal, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Woman Descending a Stairway, Seoul, South Korea

Woman Descending a Stairway
Seoul, South Korea

Still on My Way, Heidelberg, Germany

Still on My Way
Heidelberg, Germany

Sunny Waves, Berlin, Germany

Sunny Waves
Berlin, Germany

Almost Blue, Prague, Czech Republic

Almost Blue
Prague, Czech Republic

Summer Breeze, Seoul, South Korea

Summer Breeze
Seoul, South Korea

Our Time Is... - 우리의 시간은..., Seoul, South Korea

Our Time Is... – 우리의 시간은...
Seoul, South Korea

Before Moonlight
Berlin, Germany

Eye Contact, Berlin, Germany

Eye Contact
Berlin, Germany

First Class, Stuttgart, Germany

First Class
Stuttgart, Germany

Together, Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Easy Come, Easy Go, Stuttgart, Germany

Easy Come, Easy Go
Stuttgart, Germany

Das blaue Wunder, Stuttgart, Germany

Das blaue Wunder
Stuttgart, Germany

Hurry Up!, Stuttgart, Germany

Hurry Up!
Stuttgart, Germany

Two of Us, Berlin, Germany

Two of Us
Berlin, Germany

Sunset After Rain, Stuttgart, Germany

Sunset After Rain
Stuttgart, Germany

Alone Together, Karlsruhe, Germany

Alone Together
Karlsruhe, Germany

Berlin, Germany

"On est un peu des voleurs, on est des voleurs du temps. On vole des instants et restitue l‘éternité."​​​​​​​
"We are a little like thiefs, we are thiefs of time. We steal moments and return eternity."
"우리는 사진을 통해 시간과 순간을 훔치는 도둑이다. 하지만 우리는 영원을 선사한다."
— La Rue Zone Interdite. Dir. Duclos, G. 1998. Film.

I've always thought they were all time travellers, who I saw and met in daily life.
But actually, I was one of them too.
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